The International Visegrad Fund

A decade after the establishment of the Visegrad Group, its leaders felt it was time for creating a hub for Central European cooperation among the civil societies of their nations, extending the initially just political purpose of their constellation to cover nearly every area of public life. Thus, the International Visegrad Fund was created to […]

Foreign and Economic Policy of the V4

Abstract: The Visegrad Group’s efficiency is ensured by its ability to respond to the constantly changing international political and economic environment, in line with the interests of the Member States. The current study highlights those foreign and economic policy areas where the V4 has a jointly articulated position and aims to assert its interests as […]

Political Cooperation and Disagreements: 30 Years of the V4

Abstract: On 15 February 1991, the President of Czechoslovakia, Václav Havel, the President of Poland, Lech Wałęsa and the Prime Minister of Hungary, József Antall signed the Visegrad Declaration which aimed at fostering regional cooperation between the parties involved. The three Central European countries recognized the similarity of their situation from an economic, geopolitical and […]

Prospects and Perspectives for the Visegrad Four Cooperation

Authors: Ágnes Vass and Bence Kocsev The evaluation of the Visegrad Four Cooperation (V4), especially in the current debates, is often two-sided: while on the one hand it is criticised for being branded mainly by Poland and Hungary to serve their political priorities on the European level, on the other hand, it is perceived as […]

The Future Prospects of the V4

Abstract:  In honour of the thirtieth anniversary of the Visegrad Group, this paper will be analysing the future prospects of the V4 countries in the next decade, including economic and demography forecasts, foreign policy and neighbourhood policy, potential dynamics in Eastern Europe, energy security and improvement of the transport infrastructure. Keywords: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, […]

The Military Cooperation of the V4

Abstract: The members of the Visegrad Group are allies within the framework of the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Their relationship has evolved over many decades. One of the most fruitful cooperation among these states can be observed is in the field of defence and military. Within the framework of the CFSP […]

30 years of Cooperation: Aims and Successes of the Visegrad Group

Abstract: The foundation of the Visegrad Group can be considered as a unique effort toward a multilateral and subregional partnership in Central and Eastern Europe, aimed at creating a framework discussing and representing common interests of its member states both on external and regional platforms. This current study seeks to outline the most outstanding achievements […]